altecom is an open peering policy, and want to make peering with other peers who demonstrate a certain level of professionality.

altecom is present in the following IXPs:

  Sts/AS     AS-SET     IXP     City     IPv4     IPv6  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     Ams-IX     Amsterdam     2001:7f8:1::a501:6030:1  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     Catnix     Barcelona     2001:7f8:2a::4  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     Linx     London     2001:7f8:4:0::643:1  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     NYIIX     New York     2001:504:1::a501:6030:1  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     SwissIX     Zurich     2001:7f8:24::45  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     PaNAP     Paris     configuring  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     NOTA     Miami     198.32.124.x     2001:0478:0124::x  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     BNIX     Brussels     coming soon     coming soon  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     Gigapix     Lisbon     coming soon     coming soon  
16030     AS-ALTECOM     VIX     Vienna     coming soon     coming soon  
Under Construction

altecom contacts are the following:

  Peering Coordinator     Josep Olivet  
  Peering E-mail  
  24 x 7 NOC E-mail  
  Phone     +34 902 123 902  
  Fax     +34 938 732 558  

Customer Import Policies
altecom will accept and act on prefixes received from customers under following conditions:
  • We will accept prefixes that are long as /32.
  • Maximum of 100 prefixes is allowed. Exceeding 100 prefixes will cause automatic shutdown of BGP session by our router. If you need to legitimately announce more than 100 prefixes to be propagated to Internet, please contact our NOC for approval.
  • We will not accept prefixes that have not been allocated by the IANA (e.g. "bogons").
  • Just because our network has accepted a prefix from you, it does not mean we will pass that prefix to our peers and transit providers. All prefixes that we have accepted from customers are further subject to 5. Customer Export Policies before being propagated outside our Autonomous System.
Customer Export Policies
altecom will further propagate routes received from customers out to its transits and peers under following conditions:
  • All prefixes longer than /24 (/25-/32) will not be exported to outside of our network.
  • All received customer routes are subject to aggregation.
  • All routes must be registered in the Internet Routing Registry (See before we can export them.
Transit/Peer Route Acceptance Policy (Routes that we accept from peers and transits)
altecom will not accept any prefixes from peers and transits that are:
  • Longer than /24 (/25-/32)
  • Prefixes that have not been allocated by the IANA
  • Prefixes that belong to our network
  • Prefixes that contain private ASN(s) (AS64512 through AS65535)
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