altecom Local Network Map


altecom (Alta Tecnología en Comunicaciones, S.L.) has its own local WiFi and WiMax comunications network in Barcelona province, which is used for data and voice, all over the IP protocol.

altecom local network is composed for at leaste 34 Mbps links to each Base Station, and always used below 30% of total cpacity. From the troncal network, the Base Stations offer the service localy to each city.

altecom has a mian network point in the Tower of Collserola, and in two different floors to improve the redundance and offer a high-disponibility service.

altecom offers a high capacity and symetric bandwidth service to more than 100 locations in the province of Barcelona.

altecom has two datacenters, one in the city of Manresa (Bages), and another in Barcelona, where the offered service is hosting/housing, to host webs, applications, streaming, voip, etc. These two datacenters are connected to altecom's local network by, at least, two connections which use different routes and are connected with BGP4 with altecom's AS.

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